Online court booking system

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Court Booking Guidelines

  1. During the winter months to cater for high demand for the 3-floodlit courts and to allow fair access all members you are requested to book the following 90-minute slots only when using the floodlights. Outside of these times a maximum of 2hrs per day can be booked by members.

        •         4pm to 5.30pm

        •         5.30pm to 7pm

        •         7pm to 8.30pm

        •         8.30pm to 10pm


This will allow more time slots for all members.

  1. All courts are reserved on a first come first serve basis. All club members have equal priority
  1. Courts cannot be booked more that 13 days in advance - the system will not allow this
  1. Members who fail to turn-up within 15-minutes of their sessions start time lose the right to use that court and their session may be taken by other members
  1. Members who fail to turn-up for their session will be reported to the Tennis Committee and appropriate action will be taken
  1. Wherever possible 24-hrs notice should be given when cancelling a session
  1. Members must not knowingly book sessions that they will only part use
  1. Members should ensure they use the court they have booked and should not swap courts on the day

Floodlights – Hints & Tips

  1. Floodlight token can be purchased from the bar. It is advisable to buy these in advance, as it cannot be guaranteed that the bar will be open. Usual opening hours are 6pm to 10pm Mon – Fri. Tokens cost £4 for 30-minutes.
  1. Please be advised that you should try to ensure continuous usage of the floodlights. Should the floodlights switch off they will take between 10 - 15 minutes to cool down before illuminating again
  2. Floodlights must not be used after 6pm on Sundays